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Electronic Waste Disposal

Electronic Waste Disposal Singapore

Electronic Waste Disposal in Singapore

At Atrex Services, we offer different types of electronic waste disposal services. We take our electronic disposal process very seriously as we understand how certain information and data can be sensitive.

We are experienced in IT Asset Recycling and Mobile Devices Disposal (electronic waste disposal in Singapore); allowing you to dispose or recycle your electronic devices in an environmentally-friendly and data-secure way.


What is Electronic Waste Recycling in Singapore?

Electronic waste, often known as e-waste, is made up of broken, extra and outdated electronics such as televisions, computers, mobile phones, and others. These electronics typically contain components that are harmful and hazardous to the environment (if simply buried in a landfill, or incinerated), and are past the point of “usefulness.”

Electronic waste recycling, which refers to the recycling, reprocessing and reusing of these electronic wastes that will be incorporated into new electronic equipment, was developed in response to this environmental problem.

With approximately 60,000 tonnes of e-waste generated annually and the potential for a rise with the advent of new technologies, proper electronic waste disposal and recycling are crucial in addressing the challenges of safely and sustainably handling discarded electronics in Singapore. Aside from reducing pollution, proper disposal and recycling also facilitates the recovery and reuse of valuable resources such as gold, silver, aluminium, and palladium.


What are the Different Types of E-Waste?

Electronic waste or e-waste can be categorised into two main types, namely regular consumer e-waste and non-regulated e-waste.
Regular consumer e-waste refers to electronic waste generated by individuals through personal usage. It may include TVs, computers, mobile devices, tablets, cameras, cables, adapters, and more.

E-waste that are currently non-regulated may not be covered under specific recycling regulations. For example, household appliances such as electric fans, food processors, microwaves, and ovens are considered non-regulated e-waste. They may also be generated from commercial or industrial settings, including medical equipment, industrial machinery, telecommunication equipment.


How Is E-Waste Recycling Done?

E-waste recycling in Singapore is typically done by collecting various e-wastes from recycling cans or take-back sites. E-wastes that were collected will then be properly stored to prevent further contamination from other toxic materials. Manual sorting and disassembly will be done afterward in order to separate and categorise the contents by material. These materials will be cleaned and be shredded mechanically to be further sorted using modern separation techniques such as magnetic and water separation. Once the materials are separated, they will be sold or be reused.


How are Different E-Waste Products Recycled?

Computer disposal in Singapore, when done with recycling in mind, begins with removing mercury, cadmium, and other hazardous elements. The remaining components, such as hardware and modem, are then separated using shredding and grinding techniques to extract valuable materials, including gold and silver, to be reused.

The recycling process for mobile devices is quite like that of computers and laptops. Due to their compact size, it is often easier to extract their valuable materials. Circuit boards, metals, glass, and plastics are separated using mechanical and chemical processes to recover precious metals and repurpose them as new batteries or electronic equipment.


Where Does E-Waste in Singapore Go?

In 2021, in order to facilitate e-waste disposal in Singapore, an e-waste management system was implemented through the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) framework. This framework entails producers of electronic equipment and covered electrical devices to be responsible for the collection and proper management of e-waste.

This responsibility includes a list of what dysfunctional electronic equipment consumers need to dispose of, including batteries, lamps and ICT equipment. There will also be specific sites where customers can drop off these electrical materials and household appliances, allowing for electronic recycling in Singapore to become more convenient in Singapore.


Why Is It Important to Dispose of E-Waste Properly?

Proper e-waste disposal helps to mitigate the global impact of climate change, as it can prevent toxic substances from harming the environment in the long run. Electronic devices are also made up of valuable materials such as gold and platinum that can be useful if recycled properly. This can also lessen the staggering demand for new and raw materials.

At Atrex Services, we provide reliable, efficient and convenient services to help you dispose or recycle your electronic devices securely and ethically. Contact us today for more information!