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Degaussing Service

Degaussing is the demagnetisation process applied to magnetic storage media like hard drives, erasing residual magnetic fields to prevent interference with stored data.


Degaussing Service in Singapore

Degaussing is a critical step in achieving 100% data destruction and disposing of electronic waste. Unlike physical destruction, which may leave recoverable data in shredded hard disk pieces, degaussing eliminates the remnant magnetic field, rendering previous data unrecoverable. This process leaves magnetic domains in random patterns with no preference for orientation. Contact us on our electronic waste destruction service.

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What Types of Degaussers Are Available?

Several types of degaussers are designed for specific purposes and media. Here are the main types:

  • Conveyor Belt Degausser – Ideal for large-scale operations, these degaussers employ a conveyor belt system to pass media through coils that generate powerful magnetic fields. They are efficient for erasing a high volume of tapes, hard drives, or other magnetic media.
  • AC-Degausser – Using alternating current, this type of degausser creates a powerful magnetic field to erase data on magnetic media such as hard drives and tapes, rendering previously stored information irretrievable for enhanced data security and privacy.
  • Impulse-Degausser – This device uses short, intense bursts of magnetic energy, called impulses, to disrupt the magnetic alignment of the data. This process effectively eliminates all data in the media, ensuring complete destruction.
  • Permanent Magnet Degausser – This is a specialised tool designed to erase or neutralise the magnetic fields on various storage media. A degausser actively wipes all data by subjecting the devices to a powerful magnetic field, ensuring that the information becomes irretrievable.


What Are the Benefits of Degaussing?

In the field of data security, degaussing stands as a crucial tool offering several key advantages, such as:

  • Complete Data Erasure – Degaussing ensures the total removal of data from magnetic devices such as hard drives and tapes, making it impossible to recover any information stored on them.
  • Prevents Data Breaches – Degaussing securely wipes data, minimizing the risk of unauthorised access or breaches, and protects sensitive information from being accessed by unauthorised parties.
  • Compliance Assurance – It helps organisations meet data protection regulations by providing a reliable method for securely disposing of confidential information.
  • Cost-Efficiency – Implementing degaussing as part of data security measures can save costs by avoiding expensive third-party services for data disposal.
  • Simple and Quick Process – Degaussing is a straightforward and efficient process, ensuring ease of use and swift erasure of data from various types of magnetic media.
  • Enhanced Confidentiality – Confidential or proprietary data is permanently removed, assuring stakeholders that sensitive information is completely eliminated from storage devices.
  • Fights Against Data Theft Attempts – By eliminating retrievable data, degaussing acts as a robust defence against data theft, protecting against potential security threats.


Why Choose Atrex Services for Your Degaussing Needs

At Atrex Services, we ensure top-notch data erasure, ensuring the complete removal of sensitive information for privacy protection. With certified expertise, we prioritise quality and peace of mind, meeting strict standards for reliable data disposal. Call us at 9436 3876 for more information about our degaussing services.