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About Us

About the Company

Established in 2003, our goal has always been to be our clients’ number one IT Solutions provider. We want to provide only the best of qualities and services, keeping them satisfied. Over the years, we’ve managed to get different types of certifications necessary to show our clients that we are a trustworthy company that they can rely on. We spent the last 15 years doing so and we are going to continue to doing so because We Make IT Happen.

We, at Atrex Services can help you on electronic waste disposal and electronic waste recycle of your old fashioned electronic devices. We are a registered company with the Environment Agency, so we are confident that we can help you about your IT dilemmas.

Atrex Services has successfully completed the Awareness & Internal Auditor Training on:
ISO 9001:2015|ISO 14001:2015|ISO 45001:2018

Our Process

1. We will pick up the consolidated IT equipments from your location, with no charge.

2. We will categorize the different equipments into different parts to differentiate the ones which still has value and could be re-sold and the ones which are really of no value and spoilt.

3. For hard disks, they will also perform low level data wipe of the data for security purposes. A proper certificate of Erasure/Degausses will be provided as well.

4. For those that can be resold, a certain portion of the proceeds will be given to the company.

5. For those which are of no value and spoilt, they will be shipped to Singapore for proper disposal according to environmental standards to the Singapore National Environment Government Agency (NEA) or even recycled.

E-Waste Recycling Singapore
E-Waste Destruction Singapore

The scope of the IT equipments are very wide, not just limited to Personal Computers.

Please refer to the table below for the list of IT equipments, and the covered countries.

Printers/Servers/IT Peripherals (USB HDDs, Mouse, Keyboard, Web-cam, UPS … etc)

Not in Scope Asian Countries are New Zealand & India.

Scope of IT Equipments (Covered Countries):
PC (Desktop & Laptops)
Hong Kong